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Ayurverdic Candle "PURIFY" - 90g Coco and Rapeseed Wax, rose gold tin

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* Coco and Rapeseed Wax

* Blends of Camphor, Ajowan and Clove bud essential oils

* Burn Time: 20 hours

* Hand Poured


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  • with cotton bag

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Keep your home and office air clean and fresh with our Purify candle specially formulated according to ancient ayurvedic recipe to bring in positive energy and kill viruses in this Covid 19 pandemic situation.

Bursting with an uplifting scent, our blend helps releasing healing energies that uproot any negative energies present and magnify positive energies. It’s also a natural insect repellent.

Blended from pure Camphor Essential Oil along with Ajowan and Clove bud essential oils according to old Hindu Vedic texts.

Sit back and relax, it's time to keep calm, grounded and purify your home and mind.


  • Hand poured in small batches, with a blend of Coconut and Rapeseed Wax and finest essential oil blends. 
  • No additives, dyes, preservatives, phthalates, or petroleum. 
  • Our candles come in elegant glass jars that can be perfectly reused as storage.
  • Or you can send them back to us for a refill of your favourite scent.


* 90g Coco and Rapeseed Wax Blend

* Vegan Friendly

* Burn time around 20 hours

* Made with pure essential oils

* Cotton wick

* No additives, dyes, preservatives, phthalates, or petroleum

Camphor Essential Oil:

Camphor oil (Cinnamomum camphora) is extracted from the wood of camphor trees and processed by steam distillation.

Burning Camphor in the house helps to kill germs and purifies the air and it also acts as a natural insecticide. Camphor releases fumes that signifies becoming crystal pure through the virtuous of divine. The fumes & fragrance of the camphor possess the power to redefine your surroundings by releasing healing energies that uproot any negative energies present and magnify positive energies.

It helps clearing the lungs and addressing symptoms of bronchitis and pneumonia. 

Camphor exhibits several biological properties such as antimicrobial, antiviral and antitussive effects.

Ajowan Essential Oil:

Ajowan is also known as Bishop’s weed. It is a small erect shrub and has soft, fine feathery leaves. The seeds are grey coloured and is native to India.

Ajowan is a great essential oil used when fighting infection, clear up your sinuses, and ease your coughs.

Clove Bud Essential Oil:

Clove Bud Essential Oil is steam distilled from the flowering buds of the clove tree and is very helpful for use in blends intended to help relieve pain. It is also a powerful anti-microbial essential oil. 

It's a very mentally stimulating and immunity-boosting essential oil.


 Please see our candle care guide here: CANDLE CARE 

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