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Ecosenz is a small family business specialises in creating beautiful products to support your well-being with healing herbs for body, mind, and soul.

We are creating Aromatherapy Candles that are completely handmade in small batches using Soy wax and the finest aromatherapy-grade, essential oil blends. All environmentally and vegan friendly.

To complement our candles we also have created herbal eye pillows that will help to find relaxation and inner peace. Thanks to the soothing scent of the aromatherapeutic herbs, the pillows make it easy to let go of everyday life.

They are made with 100% cotton fabric and filled with organic Amaranth, Eyebright and aromatherapeutic herbs.

To help making our planet greener...we are also offering a Zero Waste Outlet where we will promote products that are a little less than perfect, but still in best conditions to be sold on our platform and our aim is to give them a second chance to find a new owner.




Hope you feel inspired to try out some of the amazing products that you will find on our website.

Your Ecosenz Team