Ecosenz herbal eye pillows are used for relaxation and inner peace. Thanks to the soothing scent of the aromatherapeutic herbs, the pillows make it easy to let go of everyday life.

They are made with 100% cotton fabric and filled with organic Amaranth, Eyebright and aromatherapeutic herbs.

Our Eye pillows are made from Japanese Cotton Fabric. Known for its softness, Japanese cotton is unlike any other. Its yarns are strong, durable and fine creating a luxurious feel that lasts. Autentic Japanese prints make our eye pillows unique. The cover can be easily and regularly washed. 

The separate filling pouch is made of 100% cotton and is available in 3 different refills that can be brought seperatly. Each filling thouthfully blended with assorted Aromatherapy herbs that have many great healing properties.





Benefits of our Herbal Eye Pillows


* Eye pillows are not only designed to soothe and relax tired eyes but the aromatic effect of herbs that are infused in the Amaranth and Eye bright help calm and rest your mind.

* The Amaranth gives the perfect amount of acupressure needed by the eye to revitalize and freshen the vision and also has a natural cooling effect.

* Our herbs blends that we use in our eye pillows work for a particular therapeutic purpose. For e.g. Eucalyptus is excellent for people suffering from headaches caused by cold and provides relief from sinus whereas Lavender reduces anxiety and insomnia.

* Eye pillows also relieves irritated, itchy and burning eyes caused by over exposure to television, or sitting in front of computer screens. 

* They are designed to totally cover your eyes, blocking out light and external distractions to enhance your well-being practice.



Main Filling:


Amaranth is one of the so-called pseudogetes and one of the oldest crops in the world. Even the Incas, Aztecs and Mayans appreciated the power grain. The amaranth seeds adapts perfectly to your face shape and gives a slight acupressure effect. Amaranth has a natural cooling and decongestant effect on your eyes.

Eyebright "Euphrasia officinalis"

Eyebright is an attractive little plant with small white bright-eyed flowers. Long used in herbal medicine, it's typically touted as a natural remedy for eye problems. Eyebright contains compounds called tannins, which appear to possess anti-inflammatory properties. In folk medicine, eyebright is often used as an ingredient in eyewashes, eye drops, or compresses applied to the eyes.


Botanical Aromatherapy Blends:

We have taking advantage of our blends natural health and relaxation properties.


Lavender & Rose

Benefits: Lavender helps pacify the agitated nervous system and people get a deep sense of relaxation. It also helps reduce eye strain and headaches. Rose is a very soothing scent, which helps with sleep problems and also boosts self-esteem and confidence.

Lemon Verbena & Eucalyptus

Benefits: Verbena is an excellent ingredient to create a soothing and relaxing effect and also favours a healthy sleep. Eucalyptus helps to relief Headache and Migraine, Sinus relief and boosts your mental clarity.

Marigold & Chamomille


Benefits: Marigold and Chamomille too offers calming and relaxing properties. It’s moodlifting properties helps reducing stress snd tension and also promots a restful sleep. Chamomille also helps relieving dry and red eyes.



Using your Eye Pillow: Place the Eye Pillow on your eyes for about 15 to 20 minutes. You will immediately feel the gentle pressure and coolness. Your eye muscles can relax and you will find a pleasant rest and relaxation of your eyes. Shake well before use, keep dry, washable cover.

Note: The recommendations for use given here are based on personal experience and do not replace treatment by an experienced doctor or therapist. Please check skin compatibility before use on the eyes. We recommend placing the eye pillow on the inner forearm for 5 to 10 minutes. In addition, the support for the eyes can be unusual at first. After removing the pillow, you should give your eyes a few minutes to get used to the light and the pressure that has been removed.