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CARRY is a german based Company and CARRY bottles combines the good with the beautiful. They focus on quality and sustainability, but also design products as individual and diverse as we all are. You can find out more here.

* With CARRY you help our environment. Everything that can be reused helps to reduce waste. Less waste is not only good for our environment but also for us.

* CARRY only use sustainable and top quality materials which comes to a long-living drinking bottle, less waste and more joy for you.

* All of there partners are located in Germany. This means shorter transportation routes, needs less energy and impacts the life cycle assessment positive.


* Made in Germany

* 100% BPA-free

* Leak-proof

* Easy to clean

* Dishwasher safe

* Capacity: 0.7l

* Height: 26cm

* Cap is made from biodegradable wood fibres and recyclable and pollutant-free polypropylene

To ensure that the print lasts longer, we recommend cleaning the bottle by hand and placing it in the dishwasher only occasionally.

Simply rinse the bottle with hot water and a drop of detergent, dry off, refill with water and drink.


Why is the product "a little less than perfect"?

The bottles have minimal blemishes.

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