Candle Scent Challenge - SET of 5 100g Candles

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* Soy Wax, Rapeseed & Coco Wax Blend

* Burn Time: each candle 25 hours

* Set of 5 scents

* Hand Poured

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Our Aromatherapy Scent Challenge set is a great way to get to know our different scents and is also a great gift for your loved ones. 

Each kit includes our 5 scents, a set of scent wisdom notes and questions and the answers. All Candles come in a kraft gift box and you an also have a small personalised note attached inside the box.



The candles come in anonymised labelling and based on the questions, participants will have to smell and guess which candle number best describes it, making it a fun and learn exercise. The answers are included in a sealed envelope that can be opened afterwards.



Why not try to have a virtual candle sniff party with friends and family.

Get every participant a set of candles and zoom together and everyone can show off their aromatherapy knowledge. 

All our Candles are hand poured with 100% natural plant waxes and finest essential oil blends. 
No additives, dyes, preservatives, phthalates, or petroleum. 
Hand poured into elegant amber candle glasses, perfectly reusable as storage & organizer.



* 100g natural plant wax (4 candles Soy Wax, 1 candle Rapeseed & Coco Wax)
* Burn time around 25 hours
* Made with pure essential oils
* Hand poured in small batches

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