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Everyday Essentials for living a plastic free and sustainable life.


  • CARRY Glass Water Bottles

    Drink enough, regularly and without any concern

    CARRY is good for you and your environment. Healthy, sustainable, neutral in taste, enduring and beautiful. Drink when and where you want and provide your body with enough water to keep you fit and healthy. 

    CARRY is a german based Company and CARRY bottles combines the good with the beautiful. They focus on quality and sustainability, but also design products as individual and diverse as we all are.

    Whether simple, minimalistic, colourful, mixed, pop or natural all bottles have a unique design. 

    • With CARRY you help our environment. Everything that can be reused helps to reduce waste. Less waste is not only good for our environment but also for us.

    • For our CARRY bottles we only use sustainable and top quality materials which comes to a long-living drinking bottle, less waste and more joy for you.

    • We do produce sustainable. All of our partners are located
      in Germany. This means shorter transportation routes, needs
      less energy and impacts the life cycle assessment positive.

    Fill up your water wherever there is tap water and supply yourself with plenty of water anytime, anywhere. This is good for you and your health. In addition, the different bottle motifs provide the necessary portion of color and good mood in everyday life. 

  • Zuperzozial Kitchenware

    Everyday Essentials for living a plastic free and sustainable life.

  • Cotton Canvas Pouches

    Bright and colourful cotton canvas pouches, made from 100% recycled cotton canvas and printed by hand using eco-friendly dyes and traditional screen printing methods.