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EcoSenz is a family business specialises in promoting a healthy, intelligent and ecological lifestyle.

In times of the zero waste, plastic free and vegan movement we also want to contribute to living a less wasteful and healthier lifestyle.

Being vegetarian/vegan ourself for long time, we have been thinking how we can help making our planet greener. 

That's how EcoSenz came alive...offering a Zero Waste Outlet where we will promote products that are a little less than perfect,  but still in best conditions to be sold on our platform and our aim is to give them a second chance to find a new owner.


You will also find our own hand poured Aromatherapy Soy wax candles.  Our candles are completely handmade in small batches by me (Yvonne :-)).
We use Soy wax, Cotton wicks and the finest aromatherapy-grade, essential oil blends. All environmentally friendly and vegan.


Another passionate for us is cooking healthy and vegan dishes. This will soon give you the opportunity to buy and experience our small selection of favourite family dishes.

We are planning to launch our food delivery later this year.


Hope you feel inspired to try out some of the amazing products that you will find on our website.

Your Ecosenz Team